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Media Agency of the Year

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Recognize great and exemplary works of all MSAP members in media thinking & communication

Inspire all media practitioners to pursue excellence and uphold integrity of work all the time

Constantly improve quality of work by competing with the best in regional and global competitions

MSAP Ice Awards Outline

  • Eligibility Dates: July 2017 – June 2019
  • Submission Dates:
    • Early Bird: Aug 1-15, 2019
    • Regular: Aug 16-31, 2019
  • Awards Date: Nov 6, 2019, Last Night of the Media Congress
Entry Cost
  1. Entries to be submitted/uploaded:
    • Early Bird: P5k per entry or P20k for 5 entries
    • Regular: P 7k per entry / P 25K for 5 entries
Scoring of Entries
First Screening:
  • To check eligiblity i.e., Did the agency follow the maximum number of words and submit supporting documents?, etc.
  • Scheduled one week upon submission of entry.
Second Screening:
  • Score of 70 – 100 with 100 being the highest
  • Min score of “75” becomes a finalist
  • Min scores to get a bronze, silver, gold & platinum
  • Bronze: 80 – 85
  • Silver: 86 to 90
  • Gold: 91- 95
  • Platinum : 96 upwards

Entries / Participation

How to Join
  1. Download the ENTRY KIT HERE
  2. Fill-up template and then UPLOAD entry together with the necessary supporting documents/files here.
  3. Address all cheque payments to MSAP.
  4. An entry is not officially acccepted unless paid.
  5. All entries submitted will be the property of MSAP and will be stored in the MSAP archives. These can also be used for publicity.
Who Can Join
  1. MSAP members
  2. Creative agencies of the MSAP members
  3. Members of KBP, UPMG, OAAP, OMAG, IMMAP
Payment Date
  1. All Payments should be received by MSAP not later than Aug. 31, 2019
  2. Unpaid entries will not be included in the judging session.
  3. All entry fees are non-refundable

Hermie De Leon



Onel Querijero

Finance Co- Chairman
Michael de Castro
Awards (Judging) Co- Chairman
Awards (Program) Co Chair
Memo Moreno
Sponsorships Co-Chairman
Erwin Furagganan
Ticket Sales & Publicity Co-Chairman

Word Count / 1200 Maximum

Strict implementation of word count per criteria. Computer wordcount is required after every criteria.






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Unit 2D, Torre de Salcedo Bldg., 184 Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Telephone Nos.:
632.894.0474 to 75
632.894.0012 to 13

Fax: 8126231